Rockhopper is Here!

4 03 2009

Hello penguins!

Sorry for the late post i had to do my homework

Anyways, Captain Rockhopper is here with some cool Pirate Items!


Click on the “X” on the map item and you will get the porthole!


In Other News : Rockhopper took Yarr ( Rockhopper’s red Puffle ) for a walk and if you go on Crow’s Nest you won’t see the Yarr there.


Also, check the Rockhopper’s Noteboard and see the little white puffle in one of his pictures!


Have fun!


Lenny Day is Approaching!

11 02 2009
Hello people




Unreleased Caption!

6 02 2009

Hello People



Unreleased Kazerius!

1 02 2009

Faerie | Fire | Green | Red

Have you got one?

Princess Lunara does

Happy Kazerius!


Unreleased Neogreeting!

1 02 2009

New Bagatelle-themed greeting.

Have you played it?

Its Quite fun!


Unreleased Calendar Slice!

1 02 2009

Hello People!

The calendar slice for February will be:


27 01 2009
Ughhh its tues and schools nearly starting anyway im 2 lazy 2 do a title
*what eva tat is???
-u no who i am